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Dublin: A Hub of Innovation for SESKAT

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Dublin, renowned for its rich history and vibrant atmosphere, set the stage for the latest transnational meeting of the SESKAT project. Welcomed by the iconic backdrop of the Irish capital, partners from across Europe gathered on February 15th and 16th, 2024, to propel the project’s mission forward.

Amidst the city’s allure, partners immersed themselves in a virtual tour, uncovering the hidden gems of Dublin. They delved into the city’s UNESCO sites, from the historic city center to the majestic architecture of Dublin’s college.

With enthusiasm high, partners delved into the heart of the meeting. EBB coordinators set the tone, outlining the meeting’s objectives. INDEPCIE provided insights into the First Project Result, unveiling a self-assessment tool tailored for educators. Drawing from extensive focus group discussions, the tool offers a nuanced understanding of socio-emotional skills crucial for educators’ success.

Building on the foundation laid by the first result, partners embarked on envisioning the second project result. IEL introduced plans for an interactive web tool, designed to empower adult educators through gamified training modules. From quizzes to homework assignments, the platform promises to enhance socio-emotional skills in a dynamic online environment.

In true SESKAT spirit, partners indulged in Dublin’s culinary delights at a local restauranmt, savoring traditional Irish dishes. The evening concluded with discussions on project management, quality assurance, and dissemination strategies, underscoring the collaborative spirit driving SESKAT forward.

As certificates were exchanged and group photos captured the camaraderie of the moment, partners departed with a shared sense of purpose. The Dublin meeting served as a testament to SESKAT’s commitment to innovation and collaboration. With eyes set on future endeavors, the journey continues, fueled by the collective passion to empower adult learners across Europe.

Dublin’s dynamic energy provided the perfect backdrop for the SESKAT meeting, igniting inspiration and fostering meaningful dialogue. As partners bid farewell to the Irish capital, they carry with them the momentum and determination to realize SESKAT’s vision. The road ahead may be challenging, but with unwavering dedication and collaboration, success is within reach.

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