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Europass Berlin - Germany 

EBB Europass Berlin Beratungsbüro GmbH (EBB) is a cultural and educational organization based in Berlin active in the field of mobility programmes at local, regional, national, European, and international level. Europass Berlin GmbH is responsible for vocational education and training for learners, school staff and apprentices and promotes their professional, cultural and personal knowledge. Europass Berlin offers professional training course for teachers and school staff on different topics in the fields arts and wellbeing, creativity and soft skills, emotional intelligence, school innovation, ICT, classroom management. EBB also develops activities and projects addressed at people with migration and immigration background with the aim to foster their integration and social inclusion in the EU-countries.  


Social Innovation Developing Experiences for all Sides (SIDES) - Italy

SIDES APS is a non-profit organization that aims to explore the concept of social innovation and personal development. We develop, project, connect, create and spread new ideas to satisfy social needs in a better way than current ways do by crea9ng new relationship among people, organizations and communities, with good vibes and professionalism. It was built on February 2019 in Treviso, Italy. We aim to enhance, promote and create value on social inclusion; social and psychological wellbeing; new skills, experiences, and knowledge; free expression, social innovation, environment, cultural change for people among organizations, institutions, communities, and society. We give particular attention and importance to young people who want to develop experiences, be active in social issues that we face, explore their talent, passion, discover the spirit of entrepreneurship and principles of a sustainable society.  


Fundacja NOVA - Poland

NOVA Foundation was set up in 2009. We are a non-governmental, non-profit organization. Our aim is to promote the lifelong learning idea. From the very beginning NOVA is planning, conducting and evaluating various types of educational activities and support programs, which are including non-vocational and vocational courses, workshops and seminars. We believe in saying: “It is never too late to learn”, that’s why we are constantly trying to expand our offer and allow as many people as possible to learn new skills, which will improve quality of their lives, their engagement, social inclusion and knowledge. Approximately 2000 people participate in our activities and projects each year. Our main areas of activities are: 1. COMMUNITY CENTRE 2. ADULT EDUCATION 3. VOCATIONAL EDUCATION AND TRAINING (VET)  and 4. SOCIAL ECONOMY & INNOVATIONS  



INDEPCIE (Institute for the personal development, entrepreneurship, coaching and Emotional Intelligence) is a training company founded in 2017 focused in the attitudinal training and the improvement of human performance. We work with our clients with the aim of increasing their results both in personal or professional areas, developing techniques and strategies in the areas of coaching, Emotional Intelligence, soft skills and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). INDEPCIE trains persons in the framework of their companies, so both the individuals and their organizations acquire skills and habits leading to a continuous improvement. We use the most advanced techniques in teaching and training to develop and achieve this ambitious goal as experts in team management, sales training, emotional management and motivation.  


Innovation Education Lab – Romania

Innovation Education Lab (iEL) started at the initiative of dedicated individuals to support the activity of young people, education act, innovation in education and training, encourage volunteering, get involved in local, national and international activities. We are a team of experienced project managers, youth workers, facilitators and creative professionals with the common mission and value to create innovation in the context of the actual society and support empowerment, participation, inclusion and social entrepreneurship of disadvantaged youth in rural and urban areas. We are innovating for inspiring youth, youth workers, educators, adult educators at both personal and professional development level and other direct beneficiaries in order to grow the local community and inspire by sharing our success strategies and practices.  


Eurospeak Limited – Ireland

Eurospeak began as a private English language school which is accredited by the British Council and the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI). Over the years we have been involved in various EU projects thus the natural next step for us was to establish a second branch entity dedicated to the design and delivery of educational innovative tools, consultancy services, and the implementation of European Projects. Eurospeak Ireland is an educational technological consulting company dedicated to delivering educational products. It aims is to promote educational tools through actions supporting an innovative and technologically creative environment, together with a special focus on disadvantaged society groups and their economic and social inclusion. Eurospeak Ireland’s mission is the promotion of innovation in education and training.