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European meeting in the caliphate city of Cordoba

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Cordoba, an important Roman city and major Islamic center in the Middle Ages that was once the capital of the Cordoban Caliphate, was the chosen location for the second transnational meeting of the SESKAT project

Surrounded by a Christmas atmosphere and festive mood, the partners from Romania (IEL), Poland (Fundacja NOVA), Ireland (Eurospeak), Italy (SIDES APS), Germany (Europass Academy Berlin) and Spain (INDEPCIE) were welcome to the hybrid meeting that was held on the 15th and 16th of December 2022, just before the Christmas vacations. 

As a first contact with the Andalusian city of Cordoba, the partners were able to enjoy a virtual tour of the hidden corners of the city, thanks to the explanation of the guest José Carlos, who presented the four Córdoba’s UNESCO sites: the Caliphate City of Medina Azahara, the Historic Centre of Córdoba, the Great Mosque of Córdoba and Córdoba Patio Festival. 

After this first welcome, the partners started to get down to work. The coordinators from EBB (Germany) introduced the main aims and objectives of the meeting, which was followed by a presentation of the First Project Result’s developments by INDEPCIE: a self-assessment tool for teachers and trainers in formal and non-formal education. This tool was based on the conclusions of the various Focus Groups carried out by the partners in their respective countries, specifically on the socio-emotional skills that are most useful for these trainers to overcome the difficulties they face in their daily work. After working for several weeks on the development of the tool, the result was a set of 60 statements and reflection questions, grouped into 12 socioemotional skills, which offers a more realistic picture of the real situation in order to recognise the social-emotional level of trainers when teaching adults. 

The IEL partners proceeded with the vision and plan for the second Project Result: an interactive web tool dedicated to adult educators and trainers with online training modules that will be accessible to a wide audience of trainers using gamification elements. The platform will include a gamification section where participants will be able to register as “learners” and join the class, while “teachers/trainers” will provide feedback to the homework. It will also be possible to use this platform without the guidance of a teacher. Students will be able to watch videos, listen to podcasts, read texts, take quizzes and do homework to improve their level of socio-emotional skills previously described in the 12 areas of the self-assessment tool. Partners will begin working on PR2 from January through the end of May. 

To end the productive morning, the partners headed to the emblematic Rafalete restaurant to taste some of the most typical and traditional dishes of the Cordoba region. Finally, the last part of the meeting was dedicated to addressing issues related to management (by EBB), quality (by SIDES APS) and dissemination (by Eurospeak). The certificates of attendance were provided to the participants and group photos were taken, which marked the end of this fruitful meeting. We all look forward to the next meeting in Treviso! 

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